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626, Tongva XC
I love Bryan and Two Door Cinema Club


Anonymous asked: What are the most expensive gifts Bryan got you? It seems like he gets you a lot of expensive gifts. Does he pay for your dates too? Do you get him anything or are you a gold digger?

the most expensive gifts he’s given me are steve maddens and a tiffany and co necklace.

he pays for all our dates.

and lol. i get him rly nice gifts too. raybans, shoes, etc. 

he works more so he likes to spend more. i don’t ask him to get any nice things for me just like he doesn’t ask me to get nice things for him. we just like to spend on each other. 

Anonymous asked: How does it feel to be a anemic runner? I want to do cross country I might be anemic though! Who is anemic on the team?

sharon khoo and helen huynh are the only anemic runners that i know of. helen graduated last year but sharon managed to get over it this year i think. you might have to ask her.

you feel tired and you tend to drag your feet especially if you aren’t on meds or haven’t taken your meds. you get tired more easily and you get dizzy on every single run and cramp really easily. on really hot days, i got searing headaches and could never catch my breath. i was always tired during the day but could never sleep at night. sharon craved ice a lot but i never really craved anything i was just really tired all the time. 

being anemic shouldn’t really be a problem if you’re really on top of your medication and take it when you should. drink a lot of water. like more than what everyone else drinks. i drank a gallon for 4 classes and i felt okay most of the time. get a lot of sleep because it helps a lot more. but if you’re on a girl and you’re on your period, you’re probably going to feel tired regardless if you took your pills or not. you just have to come prepared with the idea that you’re not going to improve as fast as everyone else and you’re going to have to work harder just to keep up with them.